The snapshot of Qt5 env at the time a commit was merged by CI

For example, I am reading Gunnar Sletta’s blog, New Scene Graph Renderer.

I guess the change is b480fa83, it’s already merged in stable(5.2.x). After talked with Gunnar, he mentioned that the result in lastest stable is perhaps very different with the blog, because there was another big change, v4, also already in stable.

I think I need to have the environment to reproduce the “scene” at that commit, b480fa83.

First, I had a look at the status of that change.

In the dependencies part, I found:

qtdeclarative depends on qtbase and qtxmlpatterns repo. For this example, just in case, we have an explicit sha1 in qtbase. It’s uncommon. Normally it’s just like the case for qtxmlpatterns, an empty string.

Next, the change in is this.

I found the latest information when that change was integrated, QtDeclarative_dev_Integration #719: SUCCESS.

In Qt CI results, the results for QtDeclarative_dev_Integration #719, I chose macx-clang_developer-build_OSX_10.8, then I am in this page.

Searching qtbase, you could find some information like:

I think I know what I should do for qtbase and qtxmlpatterns.

Now I could have a shadow build and play with it.

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