Qt Font Issues

Had some talks with many friends about the font issues in Qt, especially on Linux, for embedded and X11. And just know one of them was fixed recently. Then decide to create this page to list them together, make it easier to find in future. Most should be CJK related.

Forum: About the font patches for Qt 4(Chinese)
swyear: KDE4 and libqt4 font patches(English)
swyear: KDE4 and libqt4 font patches(Chinese)

Support bitmap in truetype font: Fixed, Old Task Tracker: 204805
Fake bold without bold defined for truetype font: Fixed, Old Task Tracker: 175023, QTBUG-986, QTBUG-10596, Qt Merge Request: 635
Not follow tag in fontconfig for non-English locale: Can’t reproduce, Old Task Tracker: 165162, QTBUG-716
Nimbus Mono L is always rendered as Oblique Bold: Open, Old Task Tracker: 223215, QTBUG-2611

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