Setup your own CommaFeed on OpenShift as Google Reader replacement

Yes, Google Reader will be dead soon, Google Blog: A second spring of cleaning. I just read a few blogs which talked about the alternatives. Then just a few days ago, one of my friend told me there are inoreader and CommaFeed. And found this article, Replacing Google Reader. CommaFeed is an opensource solution(Note: […]

Google Earth 4正式发布了

Google Earth 4使用的是Qt 3.3.5/3.3.6,而且同时支持Windows/Mac OS X/Linux。 但比较讨厌。这次里面有些乱七八糟的地标,例如,北京的西北方有个什么“稻香胡景酒店”,不知道Google是怎么管理这些东西的。