Setup your own CommaFeed on OpenShift as Google Reader replacement

Yes, Google Reader will be dead soon, Google Blog: A second spring of cleaning.

I just read a few blogs which talked about the alternatives. Then just a few days ago, one of my friend told me there are inoreader and CommaFeed. And found this article, Replacing Google Reader.

CommaFeed is an opensource solution(Note: it’s in maintenance when I started to write this blog), source code is on github.


Signup on OpenShift

Go to OpenShift, signup

Add JBoss 6.0 application

Go to OpenShift: Get Started, then click “WEB”, a bit down, clike “Open the Console and Create an Application”, in “Mangement Console” page, click “Create Application”, find “JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.0”, and install it, you need to set the “Public URL”, for example: , click “Create Application”.

You can add a public ssh key in next page.

(Note: I am not sure how much I will pay for that service based on “JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.0 is based on a premium cartridge. It costs an additional $0.03 per gear hour after the first 3 gears.”)

Install mysql 5.1

Back to OpenShift: Get Started, click “COMMAND LINE”, follow the steps in “Install the client tools on:”, for me, it’s “Mac OS X”. Then “Setup your enviroment”, command is “rhc setup”, there it will help you to create a ssh key and set up it. “rhc add-cartridge mysql-5.1 –app mygooglereader” will help you install mysql into the application. Please remember to keep the secret information like root username, password and etc.

Deploy CommaFeed to OpenShift

In OpenShift: My Applications/Mygooglereader, found the url of your git repo:

You need to make a local clone of CommaFeed and merge it with your openshift application, then push it:

If you find sth like following, then it works fine:

You can goto Your Own Google Reader, use the default user “admin” and password “admin” to login, change the password and create your own account.

Apply Goolge client ID and etc

Go to Google Code: API Console, create project, and click “API Access”, click “Create an OAuth 2.0 client ID…”. In the popup, input “Product name: mygooglereader”, “Home Page URL:”, click “Next” button, Then “Create client ID” button.

Then “Edit settings…”, in “Edit client settings” popup, “Authorized Redirect URIs” is “”, “Authorized JavaScript Origins” is “”, click “Update” button. And found “Client ID” and “Client secret”.

Application settings in CommdFeed

Go to Your Own Google Reader, use “admin” to login. Then go to Settings page, set “Public URL” to “”, and also “Google client ID”, “Client secret”. Click “Save”.

Import your subscriptions from Google Reader

Go to Your Own Google Reader, use your own account, click the arrow button near the “Subscribe”, select “Import”. In “Import” popup, click “Google Reader”, then log in your google account, and wait about several minutes. All will be fine.


  • Update CommaFeed from upstream.
  • Backup mysql database.


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