Level 8 in Ingress today

Yes, Ingress, it’s not a new game…

I had never heard about it before. And I got the invitation from a colleague on Dec. 24 last year. And I created my account on Jan. 9, 2015. It’s a good game, at least it’s one of passions to go out for me.

This morning, I got level 8. The only thing which I still want to try is to create a huge field.

During this period, a bit more than 2 months, I used 3 phones, iPhone 5/LG Nexus 5/Huawei Ascend P7, the experiense order is iPhone 5/Huawei Ascend P7/LG Nexus 5. One is because GPS sensor, another is Nexus 5 always lost mobile signal when playing…

There are some crazy people, they drive car to do the game, even 2:30 am at night…, and there is a family of Ingress players, the couple should be level 9 and level 8, and they have a daughter with level 7…

If you want to have a try with it, I could send invitation to you. BTW, I am in Resistance faction, the blue one.


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