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  1. I am a student form universities of China.I am studying Qt designing,but in trouble now.I would like to exchange experience.Thanks to you.

  2. Hey, I am a badminton amateur from Beijing and I will be in Oslo residing in Thon Hotel Opera from 27-29. I wonder if there is a chance to meet you and some badminton fans in Oslo, or even play a game there?

  3. 学习Qt的时间里 很多时候都是伴随着你的帮助文档过来的 谢谢你给我们这些后来的学习者留下的珍贵财富 英语不好 就不献丑了哦 不知道你能不能看到我给你的留言呢?还有很高兴认识你 希望我们成为朋友 祝你工作顺利 天天开心~~~


  4. Hi, I have not contacted with you for long time! How about Meizi and your doughter? Add your website in my Favorites. Very nice blog!
    Enjoy life!


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