好久没写Blog了,灌水一篇。 在手机上使用WeChat/微信,大家都知道。但是用手机敲字,估计也不会是太爽的感觉,尤其像我这样的“老年人”,用一个大拇指在屏幕上郁闷的选字母的人… WeChat/微信的桌面客户端是不错的选择,官方提供了Windows/Mac/网页三种,但登录的时候都需要手机确认,扫描二维码。然后敲字就方便多了。 参考: WeChat Download(English)

How to debug into Qt library in Qt Creator with CDB

OS: Windows 7 64bit SP1 (Note: need to have .Net 4 installed) SDK: Windows SDK 7.1 x86_64 (Note: remember to have “Visual C++ Compilers” and “Debugging Tools for Windows” installed) Qt Creator: Qt Creator 2.6.2 in qt-windows-opensource-5.0.1-msvc2010_32-x86-offline-2013-01-30-426.exe (Note: I am testing 5.0.1 daily build packages, 5.0.0 release doesn’t ship with .pdb files) Qt Creator 2.6.2 …

Windows VNC Viewer connecting to Mac OS X Lion

I have a Mac Mini as a Home Theater PC, which is running Mac OS X Lion. And I also have a laptop with Window 7 Home Basic SP1. I have tried to use Real VNC Viewer to connect to my Mac Mini before, but failed. Today I tried again, by searching from web and …

Specify a Script to Run on Startup Shutdown Logon Logoff on Windows

It’s very easy to do it on Unix/Linux, cron is a very powerful tool for it. But how to do it on Windows? Run->”gpedit.msc”->”Computer ConfigurationWindows Settings” for Startup/Shutdown or “User ConfigurationWindows Settings” for Logon/Logoff. Reference: How to: Add startup and shutdown scripts in Windows – Online Training and Tutorials Specify a Script to Run on …

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