How to debug into Qt library in Qt Creator with CDB

OS: Windows 7 64bit SP1 (Note: need to have .Net 4 installed) SDK: Windows SDK 7.1 x86_64 (Note: remember to have “Visual C++ Compilers” and “Debugging Tools for Windows” installed) Qt Creator: Qt Creator 2.6.2 in qt-windows-opensource-5.0.1-msvc2010_32-x86-offline-2013-01-30-426.exe (Note: I am testing 5.0.1 daily build packages, 5.0.0 release doesn’t ship with .pdb files) Qt Creator 2.6.2 […]

More syntax highlight files for Qt Creator

In Qt Creator, you could use the syntax highlight definition files from Kate, more details in Qt Creator Doc: Semantic Highlighting. Where could we get more? Here it is: Kate Highlighting. Just download one, and move it into ~/.config/Nokia/qtcreator/generic-highlighter, restart your Qt Creator, it works. Want to write your own? This is a good […]