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How to run ARM64(aarch64) Qt auto tests on x86_64

Assume you have a host(x86_64) build of qtbase, like following:

Some extra work to setup system:

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Build Qt dev/5.15/5.12/4.8 on Ubuntu 23.10

Install Ubuntu 23.10, for me, it’s an VM via VMware Fusion 13.5.0 on MacBook Pro 2019.

Install some needed packages,

Default gcc/g++ is 13.2.0.

Add following in env:

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Note for fixing network setup in vm

I normally run several linux vms in VMware Fusion on MacBook Pro 2019. Recently during a trip, the system stuck. I forced a shutdown and reboot. Then I lost network in a Ubuntu 23.04 vm, there is no ethernet interfaces in Network section in Settings(GNOME), and there is no related icon in top-right corner.

I googled a few times, I found one article helped me. Something is wrong in this file:

Anyway, I just followed the steps in the article, it works for me.

Play Qt dev in Flatpak world

XDG Desktop Portal and Flatpak are more and more in used. If you are using Qt, Flatpak KDE runtime is a good place to start, install pre-built Qt binaries in Flatpak world. But it’s normally for the released versions.

If you want to play with the edge of Qt, for example, dev branch, you can try following steps:

And here is an example at io.qt.examples.dropsite.yaml

Thanks bbhtt for the help in Packaging KDE Apps in Flatpaks channel.

Install Vim 9.0 and enable Qml syntax

(Ubuntu 22.04/23.04)

Reference: How to Install Latest Vim 9.0 on Ubuntu Based Linux Distributions

Configure vim to enable Qml syntax

Add the following line:

Configure nvim and nvim-qt

Reference: How to share config between Vim and Neovim

Help to test KDE/Plasma 6 Wayland

KDE developers are working hard on Plasma 6 Wayland. See also KDE Plasma 6 Development Progressing Well, Plasma 6 Beta Possible In A Few Months and KDE Plasma 6 Wayland Session: “It’s Been Working Great!”.

For example, you can install Neon Developer Edition via KDE neon: Live Images. After installation, you can upgrade it to KDE/Plasma 6,

sudo apt update
sudo apt install neon-settings-2
sudo apt full-upgrade

See also Neon Unstable now using Qt 6 Builds of Frameworks and Plasma.

If you find any bug, please help to report to KDE bugtracker. Here is my first ticket recently.

View heart rate for pool swimming with Workout app on Apple Watch

Normally you can see the heart rate information for running/hiking/skiing. But it’s not the case by default for pool swimming with Workout app.

On Apple Watch, Workout, touch the “…” button on Pool Swim(OPEN GOAL) section, click the pencil button on the top-right corner of “Open” section, Workout Views, Edit Views, enable the “Include” of “METRICS 2” for heart rate information and “HEART RATE ZONES” if needed. You can also “Reorder” the views, the button for it at the bottom of the page.

* Apple: Use the Workout app on your Apple Watch

Sway on VMware Fusion

With Manjaro(Arch based, Xfce edition), installed as a vm in VMware Fusion on macOS. You can install sway or sway-git.

sudo pacman -S sway


git clone
cd wlroots-git
makepkg -si
git clone
cd swaybg-git
makepkg -si
git clone
cd sway-git
makepkg -si

If you want to use gnome-terminal,

sudo pacman -S gnome-terminal

Modify /etc/sway/config , the line

set $term foot


set $term gnome-terminal

Modify /usr/share/wayland-sessions/sway.desktop , the line



Exec=env WLR_NO_HARDWARE_CURSORS=1 /usr/bin/sway

If you want to restart display manager to login again,

sudo systemctl restart lightdm