Build Qt dev/5.15/5.12/4.8 on Ubuntu 23.10

Install Ubuntu 23.10, for me, it’s an VM via VMware Fusion 13.5.0 on MacBook Pro 2019.

Install some needed packages,

Default gcc/g++ is 13.2.0.

Add following in env:

Let’s try to install multipler versions of gcc/g++:

Add following lines in the end, then save and quit:

You can manually select a version of gcc/g++:

Check out source code of qtbase and qt(4):
Note: there are 3 patchs about SSL which is cherry-picked from wk_4.8.7 branch.

Build dev(6.8) of qtbase:

Build 5.15 of qtbase:
Select version 9 for gcc/g++ first.

Build 5.12 of qtbase:
Select version 5 for gcc/g++ first. (Perhaps other versions are also fine.)

Build 4.8 of qt:
Select version 4.8 for gcc/g++ first. (Perhaps other versions are also fine.)
There are some issues about mysql plugin, we can ignore them for now.

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