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参观天津市滨海新区图书馆的一个新发现,移动图书馆(公图版) iOS应用,有国内手机号,即可通过验证短信登陆。这里推荐的是,首页->报纸浏览,国内各省市的报纸都有电子版,可以阅读。通过家里订阅的《今晚报》大致对比了一下,新闻是全文,连载基本是全文,只是最后几十个字用省略号替代。







Will not buy Huawei Mobiles any more

I and my wife used iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 before. We think iPhone 6 is too expensive and want to have a try with Android.

There were some deals about Huawei Ascend P7 near 2015 new year. We got it at 1999NOK(the cheapest price should be 1699NOK). My wife used it a few weeks and decided to switch back to iPhone 5. Then I started to use it.

It is a flagship phone which was released on June, 2014. Huawei’s Richard Yu introduces the Ascend P7 in Paris on May 7, 2014. The software is Android 4.4.2 + EMUI 2.3.

And Google released Lollipop(Android 5.0) at November, 2014, and now it is June, 2015. I still can’t find any from System Update, it’s always “No updates found”. After some googling, I found “Huawei Fans Club“, and there is a sub forum for P7. I got more knowledge about P7. There are several models: L00 for China Unicom, L07 for China Mobile, L09 for China Telecom, and L10 for European area(which I am using) and etc.

L00/L07/L09 models got EMUI 3.0 update, but it is still Android 4.4.

There is a plan from Huawei to have some kind of public test release of Lollipop on P7 on July, 2015, but L10 is not included. So I think my P7-L10 will not have that update in a short period, I mean several months.

P7 was one of flagships from Huawei, and still in current status, can’t catch up the latest release of software in more than half year.

I will try more with my LG Nexus 5, but the GPS on it is some kind of crap when I played Ingress.