How to download Video contents from NRK website

I am planning to learn Norwegian again… NRK started to provide video contents online, and also subtitiles. Looks like a very good material to learn, but could I download it and not always be online?

I tried google “download nrk video” and found:

Great! At least I tested it on OS X 10.9, and a friend tested in Ubuntu, both works fine. It doesn’t support Windows yet.

And I set up a github repo for it:


  • Linux:

  • Mac:

You need to install GPAC-0.5.0-OSX-64bits.dmg and Mkvtoolnix-6.0.0_2013-01-20-f398.dmg manually. And the README-MAC.txt said it also need to have Xcode installed. I am not sure about the reason.

You could also get it from sourceforge files.

master(default) branch is for Linux. If you are using Mac, please checkout mac branch:

And copy the scripts into your bin directory or /usr/local/bin, for example:

  • Download

For example, there is De nominerte 1:5:

You will get a .mp4 file for it, with subtitles!

More details about how to use it:

Thanks to Falkeklubben, the author of NRK opptak.

Enjoy it!

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