From MacBook Pro(15-inch, Late 2011) to MacBook Air(11-inch, Early 2014)

Did I change my Apple laptop? No.

My old work Apple laptop, MacBook Pro(15-inch, Late 2011), was something wrong after new year. The configuration is: Intel I7-2760QM 2.4G/8G/240G SSD/Intel HD Graphics 3000 + ATIRadeon HD 6770M 1G/15″ LCD 1680×1050 .

The machine will display some glitches on the screen and crash. I tried to google “macbook pro 2011 discrete graphics issue”, looks like it’s very common issue for those models.

It’s lucky that the service of it didn’t expire. I got it repaired after about 1 week. They said that the main board was replaced. But the funny thing is: it’s a “MacBook Air(11-inch, Early 2014)” in “About This Mac”, and it is still old status in “System Report”. I guess it’s a bug for Apple, ^_^.

Or perhaps both models use same type of main boards?


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