Build Qt with S60 5.0 Public SDK(2nd version)

Build Qt with S60 5.0 Public SDK(2nd version)

Platform: Windows XP with SP3(now we only support Qt/S60 on it.)

1. SYMBIAN Development Environment

For downloading the packages, you need to register an account in the forum of Nokia,

1-1. Carbide.C++

Carbide.C++ 2.0
Carbide_cpp_v2_0_en.exe 203MB

1-2. S60 Platform SDKs for Symbian OS, for C++

S60 Platform SDKs for Symbian OS, for C++, 5th Edition 622MB

1-3. Open C/C++ Plug-in

Open C/C++ Plug-in 1.6 34MB

2. Installation
Please install following packages as default path.

Install ActivePerl-
Install Java SE Development Kit (JDK), JDK 6 Update 16, jdk-6u16-windows-i586.exe
Install Carbide.C++.
After installed Carbide.C++, please download Please extract all files in it, and copy or move them to overwrite this folder, C:Program FilesNokiaCarbide.c++ v2.0x86Build.
Please run this, Start->Carbide.c++ v2.0->Configure environment for WINSCW command line.
And you also need to use Git to get Qt from Qt Git Repo, better to download this version of Git.

Please also make sure the path of our perl(default: C:Perlbin) should be before the perl in git(default: C:Program FilesGitbin) in PATH.

For Host Tools:
For MinGW user, please download MinGW-5.1.4.exe(Note: here the 5.1.4 is the version of installer, the compiler version is 3.4.5.), use it install g++ and make at least. And please add the env for MinGW, C:MinGWbin, at the beginning of the PATH.
For Microsoft Visual C++ Express Edition user, please download the vcsetup.exe and install 2008 with SP1.

For Device:
You need to install RVCT 2.2, we are using “Build 683”. You can use RVCT to build Qt libraries and applications which could running on S60 devices.
You can also install the “CSL Arm Toolchain”, if you forgot it, you can find it in Start->S60 Developer Tools->5th Edition SDK->v1.0->Tools->CSL Toolchain (GCCE) Install. You can use GCCE to build Qt applications with pre-build Qt libraries, and run your Qt applications on devices.

3. Build Qt with S60 5.0 Public SDK

For MinGW user, just open a Windows Command Prompt.
For VC2008EE user, please open Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt.

mkdir git
cd C:git
git clone -n git://
cd qt
git checkout -b 4.6 origin/4.6
set PATH=C:gitqt-s60bin;%PATH%

For MinGW user:
configure -platform win32-g++ -xplatform symbian-abld -qt-sql-sqlite -system-sqlite -no-script

For VC2008EE user:
configure -platform win32-msvc2008 -xplatform symbian-abld -qt-sql-sqlite -system-sqlite -no-script

make debug-winscw // for emulator
make release-armv5 // for devices arvm5

4. Build Examples

cd C:gitqtexampleswidgetsanalogclock
make debug-winscw // for emulator
make release-armv5 // for devices arvm5
make release-gcce // for devices gcce

5. Run

In Emulator:
“Menu”(or click the middle one of the 3 buttons)->QtExamples->analogclock

In Device:
createpackage C:gitqtsrcs60installsQt_for_S60_template.pkg release-armv5 // create Qt install package, it locates in C:gitqtsrcs60installsqt_for_s60_release-armv5.sis
createpackage C:gitqtexampleswidgetsanalogclockanalogclock_template.pkg release-armv5 // create analogclock armv5 install package, it locates in C:gitqtexampleswidgetsanalogclockanalogclock_release-armv5.sis
createpackage C:gitqtexampleswidgetsanalogclockanalogclock_template.pkg release-gcce // create analogclock gcce install package, it locates in C:gitqtexampleswidgetsanalogclockanalogclock_release-gcce.sis

Before you install Qt install package, you should also insall following packages:

You can find them in C:S60devicesS60_5th_Edition_SDK_v1.0nokia_pluginopencs60opencsis and C:S60devicesS60_5th_Edition_SDK_v1.0nokia_pluginopencpps60opencppsis.

NOTE: If you are using virtual machine, please do not use Windows Remote Desktop to connect it. The default audio driver for it will cause S60 Emulator crash.

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