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从2008年9月29日开始,Nokia将Trolltech重命名为Qt Software。


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2 thoughts on “Nokia – Qt Software

  1. Surendra

    Part of me hopes for for an LGPL of BSD license cnahge as a result. I prefer a situation where I can star with a proprietary license to recover my initial costs then switch to an open source license for the product. I’m not greedy but to have a family to feed after all. ;)But a larger part of me is hoping/looking forward to being able to port and develop my QT apps for Maemo as well and maybe eventually for Nokia phones with QT on them.I’ve done development in GTK and QT and greatly prefer QT4.x over even QT3.x. Having QT4.x on, for example, the N800 or N810 will definitely influence my purchase timeframes and choices.My concern would be over a switch in focus from multi-platform to devices. On the other hand, maybe now we QT4 people can get native support for domain sockets with the QT Classes (such as QTCPServer). Sure Windows doesn’t have them, but Mac and Linux do. And only Windows has ActiveX(ActiveQT). Why not?


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