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CPN 2007年会通知 – 20070929 (转载)

Dear CPN members,

Just remind you that CPN annual conference and National-Day & Moon-festival celebration will be held at Forskningsparken, Gaustadalléen 21 Oslo on this Saturday 29.09.2007. The meeting will start at 16:00 oclock.

The agenda for CPN annual conference is as following:

Part I – CPN annual meeting (16:00-17:00)
Chairman: Xinli Wang

1. Welcome and roundtable introduction
2. Annual report 2006-2007 (Xiuhua Zhang)
3. CPN financial report (Xiuhua Zhang)
4. Admiration and thanks to the members with special contributions to CPN
5. Award to winners of CPN photo competition 2007 (Cai Xing)
6. Open discussion
· What activities do you wish CPN to organize?
· What contributions would you make to CPN?
7. Help needed from CPN members
· Web site & mailing list,
· Toast masters for Chinese New Year party 2008,
· Delegation to China
· Others

Part II – Celebration of National day and Moon-festival (17:00-)
Toast master: Jin Jing
– Food and soft drinks
– Games and entertainments
– Music and dancing
– Chat between old and new friends
– ……

See you on Saturday!
Xinli Wang